AMD FirePro MDA-W5100 PCIe Video Card

AMD FirePro MDA-W5100 PCIe Video Card

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AMD FirePro MDA-W5100 (MDAW5100) 4GB video card with 4 DisplayPort outputs

  • Model: MDAW5100 (MDA-W5100)


AMD FirePro MDA-W5100 (MDAW5100) workstation graphics delivers high quality application performance, helping to improve design and engineering and media and entertainment workflows for mid-range users. With 4GB of ultrafast GDDR5 memory, the most ever offered by AMD in this product class, users can load and manipulate large models and assemblies or add advanced visual effects with ease. The W5100 is optimized and certified for a variety of professional graphics applications, helping to ensure your applications run the way they should. With four standard DisplayPort outputs, each AMD FirePro W5100 graphics card is capable of driving up to four high resolution displays, helping users to multitask across multiple applications and displays for improved productivity.


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