20 inch Sony BVM20F1U (BVM-20F1U) Broadcast Monitor (Refurbished)

20 inch Sony BVM20F1U (BVM-20F1U) Broadcast Monitor (Refurbished)

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Quick Overview

Sony BVM20F1U (BVM-20F1U) Broadcast Monitor

  • This product has been discontinued
  • New operating concept, with separate display and control unit
  • Newly developed Super HR Trinitron assures a high resolution of 900 TV lines
  • SMPTE C standard phosphors
  • Stabilized color temperature obtained with a beam of current feedback
  • Aspect ratio is switchable between 4:3 and 16:9, (16:9 bezel is available as an option)


The Sony BVM20F1U (BVM-20F1U) is an evaluation grade color video monitor designed for critical applications in television stations and production houses. Features include: .30mm CRT for 900 TVL resolution, SMPTE C Phosphors, Beam Current Feedback system for stabilized color temperature, Separate control unit operation (with optional BKM-10R or BKM-11R) for flexible installation and use, Four input module slots for BKM input decoder/adaptors (up to 24 inputs), One built-in RGB/Component input, Data save/exchange through RS-485 or IC Memory card (via BKM-10R or BKM-11R), Modular construction, Auto-setup (chroma, phase), Auto White Balance using industry standard color analyzers (Minolta, Thompson, Phillips), ISR, RS-485 control, Parallel remote control, 16:9/4:3 aspect ratios, H/V delay, Underscan, Blue only, Monochrome, Tally lamp. On screen display and menu operation of: All monitor functions, VITC (reader included), Channel caption, Safe area markers, EDH, and Closed Caption (reader included).


Additional Information

Screen Size 19 x 15 1/4 x 11 1/2 inches (482 x 386 x 291 mm)
Display Area No
Resolution No
Aspect Ratio No
Scan Rates 525 lines 60 fields or 625 lines 50 fields interlaced
Video Input Signals No
User Controls No
Dimensions 17 1/2" x 16 3/*" x 23 5/8" (444 x 414 x 570mm)
Weight No
Power Requirements 100-120V/220-240V, 50/60 Hz (UL listed for 120V only)
Power Consumption 1.7-2.0 A / 0.9-1.0 A
Certifications No
Supplied Accessories No
Warranty No