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Ampronix is a master distributor of video converters for healthcare facilities around the world. Scan converters translate images from low to high resolution and vice versa in NTSC or PAL formats. In addition to supplying new and refurbished devices from brands such as NDSsi and Perkins, Ampronix manufactures and distributes SCANMAXX scan converters.


SCANMAXX is a line of innovative medical video converters that provide real time signal conversion with clear and uninterrupted images. Each SCANMAXX model, including LAPLINXX, supports applications and modalities in cath labs, MRI, CT R&F rooms, C-Arms, endoscopy/surgical, portable x-rays and nuclear medicine.


The service center at Ampronix is available to repair your medical grade video converters - or any other medical technology - as we offer hot-swap exchanges and fast turnaround times. Our goal is to provide a cost-effective method to extending and maintaining the life of your equipment. All repairs are performed onsite by experienced technicians and come with a minimum one year warranty.


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