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Ampronix manufactures and supplies professional medical, industrial and IT LCD Monitors (Liquid Crystal Displays) utilized in surgical rooms and medical labs around the world. Trusted brands such as Sony, Barco, NEC, and Panasonic are always in stock varying in modality, size, as well as 4K and 3D options.


Trusted and affordability comes through with Ampronix’s in-house manufactured LCD Monitor brands Modalixx, Chromamaxx, Lumimaxx, and Versapaxx. Each built and programmed to deliver high quality medical-grade imaging for surgical room utilization, Cath lab imaging, and x-ray viewing. Recording and image quality enhancing capabilities are available as well.


Ampronix is able to successfully complete your need for medical displays, surgical displays, diagnostic displays, clinical displays and mammography displays to satisfaction. We understand the impertinent decision making that goes into purchasing a medical display, a surgical display, a diagnostic display, a clinical display, and a mammography display. Whether you’re upgrading a single monitor or refitting a whole lab, Ampronix has you covered easily and efficiently.