Color Mitsubishi CP9500DW (CP-9500DW) Digital Thermal Printer (Refurbished)

Color Mitsubishi CP9500DW (CP-9500DW) Digital Thermal Printer (Refurbished)

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Quick Overview

Mitsubishi CP9500DW (CP-9500DW) Digital Color Thermal Printer


Mitsubishi CP9500DW (CP-9500DW) Digital Color Thermal Printer, an ultra fast and large capacity professional production printer. The 346 dpi thermal print head further enhances print quality at superior resolutions. The CP-9500DW incorporates a unique roll-type mechanism for jam-free reliability and offers Edge-to-edge printing in four output sizes: 3.5 x 5", 4 x 6", 5 x 7" and 6 x 9".
Large-Capacity Roll Paper to Reduce Running Costs
These new digital color printers are Eco-friendly, using core-less, large capacity rolls of paper giving up to 600 prints on 4" x 6" media.
Long Service Life and Durable Heads
A new protective film applied to the heads enhances durability, while use of a back-layer ink sheet diminishes the wear rate. The bottom line is improved head durability and an impressive new realm of reliability.


Additional Information

Printer Type Color
Printer Connector Digital
Dimensions 11.8 x 12.8 x 14.3"
Printer Gradation No
Power Requirements AC 120V 50/60Hz, AC220-240V 50/60Hz
Print Speed 9x13 (3.5x5”) : Approx. 20 sec./sheet, (Super Fine mode : Approx. 38 sec./sheet), 10x15 (4x6”) : Approx. 23 sec./sheet, (Super Fine mode : Approx. 41 sec./sheet), 13x18 (5x7”) : Approx. 31 sec./sheet (Super Fine mode : Approx. 64 sec./sheet), 15x20 (6x8”)
Printer Driver Software Win 95 / 98, Win 2000 / XPl, Mac OSX
Printing Method Dye sublimation thermal transfer
Printer Resolution 346 x 346 DPI (Fine mode) 346 x 692 DPI (Super Fine mode) (DPI : Dots per inch)
Safety Compliance No
Warranty 1 Year
Product Spec Sheet No