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LCD Display Repairs

       Chromamaxx Medical LCD Display Repair Service

  • Chromamaxx Medical LCD Displays are repaired and serviced by our qualified Factory Trained Technicians.
  • Component level repair to reduce cost
  • We offer a No-Charge evaluations and fast turn-around
  • 24 to 72 hour Rush Service is available upon request
  • We warranty each repaired unit for a period of one year
  • Repair report is available for each unit serviced upon request

We provide cost effective repair on all types of Chromamaxx Medical LCD Displays. All repairs are performed to factory standards efficiently reducing your downtime and total costs.

As a factory authorized repair facility for many major manufacturers, we have a large selection of remanufactured and refurbished units available for exchange and hot-swap replacement.

We also provide the opportunity of purchasing a refurbished unit with a core exchange for available medical video printers in stock to minimize your downtime.

Service, Repair, manufacturer units.
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Chromamaxx CM430B1
Chromamaxx DVM430B1
Chromamaxx 15CAYB12VOM
Chromamaxx 15CBY
Chromamaxx 15CDY
Chromamaxx 15CDY-S1 (Solar 8000 Replacement LCD)
Chromamaxx 15CDYS2 (Solar 8000 Replacement LCD)
Chromamaxx 15CMI5
Chromamaxx 15TCRW
Chromamaxx 17CAY
Chromamaxx 17CBCSY
Chromamaxx 17CBY
Chromamaxx 17CDYS1 (Solar 8000 Replacement LCD)
Chromamaxx 17CDYS2 (Solar 8000 Replacement LCD)
Chromamaxx 17CMIW
Chromamaxx 17CMIWD1 (Datex-Ohmeda Replacement LCD)
Chromamaxx 17CMIWS1 (Solar 8000 Replacement LCD)
Chromamaxx 17CMI5
Chromamaxx 17CSY
Chromamaxx 17CWY
Chromamaxx 17TCRW
Chromamaxx 19CDYS2 (Solar 8000 Replacement LCD)
Chromamaxx 19CMI5
Chromamaxx 19CMi5WG
Chromamaxx 19TCRW
Chromamaxx 21CAY
Chromamaxx 21CBY
Chromamaxx 21CSY
Chromamaxx 21CWY
Chromamaxx 21CDAY
Chromamaxx 21CDBY
Chromamaxx 21CDWY




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