Barco MXRT-5550 (MXRT5550) K9306040 Display Controller

Barco MXRT-5550 (MXRT5550) K9306040 Display Controller

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Barco MXRT-5550 (MXRT5550) 3D PCIe Dual-DVI Display Controller K9306040

Flexible projection configurations

The MXRT-5550 display controller is available with Barco's Conference CloneView™ software, which enables accurate projection of medical images onto a large-screen display.

The software tool ensures effortless cloning, scaling, zooming and panning of medical images on the large screen, making Barco displays and controllers perfectly suited for use in teaching hospitals, auditoriums and (tele)conference rooms.


The Barco MXRT-5550 (MXRT5550) display controller K9306040 delivers the performance, quality and stability required for today’s 3D imaging applications in healthcare. The powerful GPU ensures ultra-fast and smooth image loading, roaming and manipulation of images with up to 5.8 MP grayscale resolution. The board features 2 DVI connectors, providing a solid solution for upgrades.


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