Barco MXRT-1450 K9305043 Display Controller

Barco MXRT-1450 K9305043 Display Controller

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Barco MXRT1450 (MXRT-1450) K9305043 2D PCIe x1 low-profile display controller

Compact form factor

Thanks to its compact factor, the MXRT-1450 offers a perfect solution for set-ups where a low-profile workstation is needed for space efficiency. It also allows installation in low-power workstations and reduces overall power consumption.


The Barco MXRT1450 (MXRT-1450) K9305043 is a low-profile and small form factor PCIe display controller. The graphics controller can be used to drive HIS, RIS and patient list monitors up to 1920 x 1200 display resolution in workstations where all PCIe x16 slots are occupied. The MXRT-1450 features 512 MB DDR3 display memory.


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