Barco B4100035 LCD Sensor

Barco B4100035 LCD Sensor

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Barco B4100035 LCD sensor

  • Connectivity: USB, max. 100mA (low power) (PC)
  • Supported backlight technologies: CCFL, White LED, RGB LED, Wide Gamut
  • Luminance range: 0.2-1200 cd/m²
  • Accuracy: Specification on Illuminant A: D Y +/- 4% at 100 cd/m² , D x,y +/- 0.004 at 100 cd/m²
  • Repeatability: Specification on Illuminant A: ±0.001 x,y @ 100 cd/m², ±1.0% luminance @ 100 cd/m²
  • Resolution: x, y, Y: 3 or more significant digits
  • OS compatibility: Windows XP and higher
  • Supported MediCal QAWeb Agent version: V1.12.04 or higher. See MediCal QAWeb OS compatibility
  • Box dimensions: 19.3 x 14.3 x 5.4 cm , 7.6 x 5.6 x 2.1 inches.


Barco B4100035 LCD sensor High-precision colorimeter for medical displays. The Barco LCD sensor is an industry-leading colorimeter featuring Barco-specific calibration technology. Allowing seamless integration with MediCal QAWeb – our unique online service for automated calibration, Quality Assurance, and asset management – this colorimeter offers the best value for money. The LCD sensor analyzes color contrast and brightness in no time and with the highest accuracy. The optical system supports displays with all current and emerging backlight technologies, including LED.


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