OEC 9800 / 9800 Plus / 8800 / 6800 Upgrade Kit

OEC 9800 Upgrade by Ampronix

Ampronix created the OEC Upgrade Kit for the OEC 9800, OEC 9800 Plus, OEC 8800, and OEC 6800 as an OEM solution for those interested in upgrading from CRT to LED displays. The CRT replacement comes in the form of dual 21.1 inch 2MP LED displays, one of which is touchscreen. Furthermore, the product’s mount is an articulating arm, providing physicians with 375 degree view rotation.

Specially made for mobile C-arm, the included LED displays are created with the same technology utilized in our greyscale Modalixx displays. As such, the universal compatibility ensures that it will connect with any type of modality.


OEC 9800 8800 6800 9800 plus Upgrade by Ampronix


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